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A Very Bravado Cinco de Mayo Celebration

Team Bravado LOVES Cinco de Mayo!

It may seem obvious for a company that makes hot sauce and margarita mixes would have a bias towards a holiday that is celebrated with tacos, nachos and margaritas…and you would be right! If you’re looking for some Cinco de Mayo celebration inspiration, well, here are some of what our team think makes for the best Cinco de Mayo fiesta. Beware, you’ll probably want a margarita!

Jeremiah (Founder/CEO)

“I love to jam out to Mana while grilling fajitas. And because, there’s no time to waste, I like to start with one of my Cinco de Mayo appetizers, elote, in one hand and a spicy Árbol Chili & Garlic Michelada in the other!”

Mark (Finance)

“For me it's all about the margs and quite possibly tequila shots preferably accompanied by some form of pig, roasted or grilled. Bravado Ghost Pepper & Blueberry Hot Sauce on that pig? Why yes! It is mandatory the celebration be outdoors with bocce balls available for those so inclined.”

Marisa (Sales & Marketing)

“The best of the Cinco de Mayo drinks is for sure a cold and frothy Lime & Yuzu margarita, so I’ll start definitely start with one! No fiesta would be complete with out queso & guacamole followed by a platter of fajitas.

Levi (E-Commerce)

“One of my favorite memories of Cinco de Mayo was a party I attended a few years back. The thing I remember most of it were the margarita popsicles! There were a few different flavors, and even though I would not have expected margarita popsicles to work in any way, they were great! Arbol Chili & Garlic would have great to drizzle a little on the popsicle. Might have to make this my go-to Cinco de Mayo recipe!”

Robert (Sales)

"Cinco De Mayo is the perfect day to indulge in great food and drinks. Whether it’s a night out at my local favorite Tex-Mex spot, or tacos at home drizzled with Árbol Chili & Garlic Hot Sauce and one (or three) ice cold Pineapple & Jalapeño margaritas. You can’t beat it!"